Our Sustainability Commitment

Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs

 Earth First Please


All products available on our website have been thoughtfully considered from an ethical and sustainable point of view. We support Australian owned businesses that also have a strong focus on sustainability and reducing their environmental impact.


Packaging & Posting

We aim to reduce as much, if not all plastic from our packaging by using compostable satchels, recyclable boxes, paper tape in place of sticky tape and reused packing paper such as old newspapers or packing from other boxes. We reuse the boxes we receive, so it is not unusual if your package comes in a box that may be branded from another company.

Sendle is our preferred provider for posting products to our customers, they offer 100% carbon-neutral delivery. you can read more about their commitment here.

There are some circumstances where we may need to use Australia Post, you can read about their commitment to delivering better environmental outcomes here.


The Earth Mumma HQ

As a small business we currently operate from our home address. Our commitment to the environment is where it all started so we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint and have fitted our home with solar panels to help with our energy consumption.

Here are some other ways that we have reduced waste around our home;

  • Compost our food scraps.
  • Reusable nappies & wipes.
  • Hair & Body bars to replace Plastic bottles.
  • Reusable shopping & produce bags.
  • Recycling our soft plastics at a REDcycle drop point.
  • In the Kitchen we use reusable cloths.
  • Choosing sustainable wooden toys wherever possible.