My Low Waste Journey

I started my Low Waste journey about around a year ago after watching a series of eye opening documentaries showing the impact that our wasteful habits are having on the environment, in particular the impact of single use plastics. 

I hadn't realised just how must plastic we were using everyday purely for convenience until I tried to avoid all single use plastics. The reality of avoiding all plastics quickly became very overwhelming so I decided it would be best to start small.

My first change was to say NO MORE to plastic bags! I invested in some mesh produce bags from Seed & Sprout and went shopping! I went to our local Fruit and Veg grocer Malibu Fresh Essentials who supply most of their produce loosely in boxes. My trolley was not completely plastic free as there was no alternative for our blueberries and strawberries which are essentials in a house with young children but overall I was pretty pleased with my effort.

Since then I have upped my game in my effort to reduce my waste. Below are some of the other changes we have made at home.

* I no longer purchase single use water bottles not that I did very often anyway.

* No more single use coffee cups for me, I dine in or bring my own cup.

* Introduced a bin for soft plastics at home and in the work office, once it's full I drop it off at a REDcycle bin located at coles and woolies for re-processing.

* I say no to straws.

* Switching to a natural and plastic free deodorant called No Pong and I love it!!!

* I invested in a menstrual cup in place of tampons for that time of the month.

* Had solar panels installed at home, it's a great feeling knowing we are able to generate our own free energy from the sun.

* I tried and loved Ethique Shampoo & Conditioner Bars, once my current bottles of shampoo and conditioner are empty I will continue with the bars.

* I switched to a bamboo toothbrush.

* Started a Tumbling Home Compost - This has saved so much from our landfill and recycling bin.

*Most recently I planted some fruit and vegetables (Strawberries, Capsicum, Onion, Broccoli, Cabbage & Beans) Hopefully I don't kill them haha!

I still have a long way to go but it was important to make small, sustainable changes so i didn't become overwhelmed. My next focus will be on making my own snacks and food so I can avoid pre-packaged and processed foods.

The Earth Mumma xx